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Kori- kitchenThanks for visiting All Things B.! My name is Kori and I am a budget conscious person who enjoys the finer things in life- good food and drink, travel and more beauty products than I care to mention! In June 2007, I overhauled my finances in an effort to end my paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Along the way, I have learned many ways to indulge while stretching a buck and staying on budget. No matter how hard I try, I still have missteps and I invite you to join in my money challenges and DIY projects all in the name of saving! Whether you’re looking for ways to cut your grocery spending or trying to travel on limited funds, I hope to offer you insight and real life experiences of a woman on a budget! I LOVE food and all the experiences that surround it! For that reason this blog will have a big emphasis on my culinary exploits and adventures! After all, one of our largest monthly expenditures is FOOD (at least in my house!)! The other topics will delve into my other passions of green living, pets, personal health and well-being all with a mindful focus on my financial goals! I hope to show that you can lead a ‘rich’ life on a budget! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

The ‘AH HA’ moment…

My story is not a unique one. I became interested in budgeting and saving a couple of years ago when a harsh realization hit me like a ton of bricks. At the end of every month I was left with ZERO dollars for extras or saving. First I tried to rationalize that all 20-somethings were broke and that my paycheck to paycheck lifestyle was the norm. Talking with friends, it seemed we were all in the same boat! While I was happy to be living comfortably, I was not content to resign myself to this lifestyle forever. So, I began the journey of reevaluating my financial situation. The first thing to go was frivolous spending, but since I had little, this only made up for a small savings. My monthly ‘fixed’ expenses (rent, student loans, utilities, cell/internet, food) were also necessary and I began feeling the only way to save money would be to take on PT work. Not a popular concept! When I got married in June 2007, my outlook changed. While my husband Josh and I had lived together for many years, we mostly kept our personal finances separate and combined our money only when paying rent, utilities, etc. Josh, a financial genius and hater of all things ‘financed’, devised an aggressive plan to have our debt (student loans, car payments, etc) paid off by Dec 2009. YIKES! 

Realizing this goal would not be possible without some changes to our lifestyle, I set out to find ways to make our money go further. This blog is the result of the exhaustive research and trials and errors made along the way. It’s also a look into the daily life and challenges of living within my means, which is difficult with my champagne taste and beer budget! I hope you enjoy reading and are able to incorporate some of my experiences and techniques into your own financial journey!

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Fast Facts about ME and MINE

  • I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and since graduating college in May 2003 I have tested the waters in many different industries and job types. At each of these jobs I have learned one important truth about myself- I love people! At this point in my life I am looking to fulfill a lifelong dream (albeit a somewhat secret one) to write. I hope this blog helps me to combine my love of writing, meeting and learning from new people.
  • I LOVE to cook! I learned to cook at a young age watching my mom in the kitchen, but didn’t really develop my skills until about 4yr ago. Because eating at home is almost always cheaper than going out, I have many opportunities to try out new things! Lately I have been focusing on my baking skills and as a result I have been simultaneously working on my self control to keep from gaining 20lbs! 
  • I was born on May 23, 1981 which makes me a Gemini and all that that entails! 
  • I am a Type A person who is striving to adopt a little ‘go with the flow’ into my personality.
  • After an illness in early 2008, I became very interested in health, fitness and nutrition. My daily life is now much more wellness focused and as a result much of what you read here will focus on these topics with an emphasis on how I am attempting to achieve optimal health on the cheap! 
  • I currently live in Reno, Nevada (pronounced NeVADUH not NeVAHDUH hehehe). I have been lucky enough to live in some amazing places including Boston, MA; Napa, CA and Truckee, CA. If you are familiar with any of these locations, then you are well aware that they are EXPENSIVE places to visit. Just imagine living there full-time! 
  • I was born in Virgina and lived there till I was 12yr old when my Mom, brother and I moved to New Hampshire. As a result, I have been told that I have a nondescript accent (whatever that means!). I LOVE New England and it was a wonderful place to grow up. Living in the west is fantastic, but I miss my New England autumn leaves!  
  • I married my husband Josh on our 8yr anniversary at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall on June 22, 2007 (Info on budget friendly weddings to come!). 
  • Josh- TahoeJosh is an Account Executive for Giant Bicycles, Inc. and he is responsible for the Northern California and Northern Nevada territory. He travels A LOT and is incredibly committed to his company and his retailers. His degree in Business has been very useful in our budgeting adventures as was his upbringing in a household with two very financially conscious parents! He is the driving force behind our adventures as he is obsessed with all things travel! I hope to have him “guest post” occasionally to offer up some of his financial wisdom!
  • I have no human children, but I do have a fur kid named Bee, short for Beatrix. She was part of a beautiful litter of kittens that were left by the side ofBee closeup a road on a hot Nevada summer day. Amazingly, they were unharmed, but were weaned too soon and had to be bottle fed by their amazing foster parent  from the SPCA. Our paths met while I was visiting my local farmers market and came across a local pet food chef’s booth that was being shared by the SPCA. Leaning down to peer in at the tiny balls of fur, I was approached by a black and white tabby with giant ears! She stuck her paw through the bars and rested it on my nose! It was love at first sight and I took her home 2 wks later! She is now 8mo old, very spoiled and infinitely loveable! You can look forward to her “guest posts” reviewing pet foods and toys!    

Questions… Email me


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