Grocery List and a Pantry/Freezer dinner…

The rest of my afternoon was spent channeling my Mom rearranging furniture and cleaning as I went! I also tidied the kitchen, taking note of what we needed from the G-store and played with this pair of FurPants (aka my cat Bee). 


Josh will be away next week for his bi-weekly trip through his NorCal accounts, so it’s just me and usually I end up eating cereal or sandwiches! Not super exciting, so I’m going to make an effort to be a little more interesting! This is what I’ve come up with…


The above is more of a visual aid, rather than a list I actually expect you to be able to see! That said, if you can see it- you get the gold star for eyesight!

Dinner consisted of some pantry staples and a couple of veggie patties from the freezer.

And the finished product…


On the plate or shall I say Plowl (plate+bowl)?

Morningstar Farms Italian Seasoned Chix Pattie, baked rice and roasted broc thing with various seasonings. While cooking I also enjoyed a half glass of BJ’s Brewhouse Jeremiah Red Ale which we get in this handy lil’ growler.




So good… kinda like Redhook if you know your beers. Well, I’m off to watch some Netflix- either Slumdog Millionaire (’cause we’re the only two people left on the planet who haven’t seen it) or Synecdoche, New york (’cause I love Philip Seymour Hoffman). Catch ya on the flip side!



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One response to “Grocery List and a Pantry/Freezer dinner…

  1. Oh I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, but I want to.

    Delicious eats!

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