Around here BUDGET isn’t a dirty word

Good morning! 

Although I was up with the sun, I am just now getting to post about my bfast and morning excursion to the G-store. Its been a busy morning and here’s how it began…


The standard cup o’ coffee with a splash of cream and a sprinkle of sugar plus a mix of Nature’s Path Optimum  Blueberry Cinnamon (longest cereal name in history) and some Quaker Oatmeal Squares and some skim milk. Two of my favorite cereals that are just even better together! 

While munching I perused my store list to make sure I had everything I needed and to decrease the amount of time my nose was stuck in said list while shopping! Because I typically shop in the same stores, I am pretty familiar with the pricing on most of the items I buy. Being a household of just 2 adults and one 8lb ball of fur, we set our weekly grocery budget at $60 and more or less stick to it aside from the off weeks when we need Misc items like dish liquid or tp. We’ve been operating on this amount for close to 2 yrs now and I’ve gotten pretty savvy at shopping for this amount.

One major money investment is Bee’s food. Honestly, the cat eats better than we do! When we adopted her, we decided after careful research to feed her on a no grain diet. As a result she is very healthy and lean, but its definitely an expensive route to go. So, factoring her food into our food budget was a stretch in the beginning, but is getting easier as we adjust. 

This weeks stores were Whole Foods and Walmart (the epitome of night and day!). While Walmart is my least favorite store on the planet, it has become a necessary evil, but one I am phasing out in the coming weeks! Here’s what I brought home.

The Pantry stuff…



Meat, Dairy and my favorite category- PEANUT BUTTER!


Lastly, the fruits and veggies…


As you can see- Bee tends to migrate to the camera! She really likes veggies and goes a bit crazy when I peel a cucumber! Here you can see her attempting to Nom on a bag of baby spinach! 

So, what’s the total….

Walmart- $44.83

Whole Foods- $19.37

Grand Total= $64.20

What put me over? Whole Foods was running a sale on Annies Mac and Cheese, so I bought 3 boxes rather than the one I had budgeted for. So, the two extra boxes at $1.99 each + tax roughly accounts for my $4.20 overage. Not too shabby…

With that out of the way, I’m off to work on my new blog home! See ya for lunch!



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2 responses to “Around here BUDGET isn’t a dirty word

  1. Ashley

    Kori- is this really all of your weekly groceries? You don’t drink milk? And you eat full at yogurt? Are you anti-splenda? I know people who will bet their life that splenda gives them a stomach-ache every time they eat it…. Where’s the rest of the meat? Eggs? Okay- enough questions…. just wondering 🙂

    • Kori


      Yes- this is really all our weekly groceries! I don’t buy milk every week because we buy a gallon about every other wk, same with eggs usually a couple dozen every other week when there’s a sale on eggs. I rarely eat or drink anything with artificial sweetners. I don’t eat much sugar, but when I do, I like the real thing! The yogurt is Yoplait Lite Thick and Creamy- but I do eat all kinds of yogurt. I’m just on a French Vanilla yoplait kick lately! As for the meat- we just don’t eat much and I buy based on what I’ll be cooking for the week. Keep the questions coming!

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