Little progress…

Well, my morning was not as successful as I hoped. However, I have learned a bit more about self-hosting my blog and baring any unforeseen issues, should be up and running by the weekend! Yay!

I was able to get in a good workout and post shower I put together this little plate of snacks…



Plus a cup of Ancient Forest Blend tea and some H2O and lime!


After staring at a book on WordPress for about an hour and dealing with my hosting service via phone and internet- my brain needed a break from thinking. My vitamin dispenser was in need of refilling, so I got that task ticked off my list! 

My regimen with HIS+HERs dispensers… I should get an endorsement from Nature Made! 


Speaking of Vitamins and Minerals- this was an interesting read about what 4 top health experts take for supplements and their thoughts on what’s important and what’s a waste! Check it out! 



Lunch was a simple throw together to save time… and use some of this lovely lady…



On the plate…

2 eggs scrambled with Cholula and 2 slices of Great Harvest Nitty Gritty bread with a couple tsp of Smart Balance. I love Great Harvest and we’ve been trying a new type of bread each week to see which we like best. This Nitty Gritty is definitely top 3! 

I’m off to work on my grocery list and try to figure something out for dinner! Back later! 



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One response to “Little progress…

  1. Ashley

    Kori- i love the his and hers vitamin dispensers, although my husband wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between purple and blue!

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