Gaggia on the fritz…

Good Morning!

Last night was a later than usual night for me reading about blog design, self- hosting and realizing I have no clue! Today being D-day for the first OFFICIAL  All Things B. post I was up super early (as usual) and ready for some serious caffeine! Sadly, our espresso machine is on the fritz and fixing it has been at the bottom of my to-do list for about a week now…


She’s sad because she just spits out hot brown coffee water and not steaming coffee deliciousness….

So, my morning fix came via this guy and some Archer Farms Kona Blend that I picked up from Target on sale last weekend.


Normally I am a bit of a coffee snob and shy away from store branded coffees or store featured brands like Archer Farms, but I was pleasantly surprised at how this coffee performed in the french press! Nothing compares to the superior cup made by Gaggia and the ease of just pushing the button is nice when you’re tired, but this was a suitable replacement. It sure beats going out and spending $2-$5 on over brewed or stale coffee! 

Tomorrow is grocery day (Grrr) so the pantry and fridge were looking pretty sparse this morning when I started routing around for b-fast items. I am adamant about trying to get rid of as much food before going to the store, so the last few days prior to shopping usually consist of a combination of random items. This morning was a new favorite that has become my go-to b-fast on lazy mornings.




And this beauty, which I mistakenly thought was a Braeburn but turned out to be a Gala…


In the bowl…

3/4 cup of Non-fat Vanilla yogurt, a pulverized Kashi Honey Toasted 7-Grain granola bar and about 1/8 cup of walnuts toasted and chopped. If it seems strange to use a granola bar all crushed up- try it- the texture matches better with the creaminess of the yogurt and you still get some crunch from the nuts. I like it better than just chunks of granola.

On today’s agenda…

  1. Figure out blog self-hosting (Yikes!)
  2. Fix Gaggia
  3. Invite people to read this blog! Yay!
  4. Workout+Yoga
  5. Pantry/Fridge contents assessment (fancy sounding words for “what’s left?”)
  6. Recipe search+Grocery list making

On the books for this afternoon/evening’s post- The importance of list making! See ya tonight!



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2 responses to “Gaggia on the fritz…

  1. Ashley

    Kori- this is an awesome blog! I will be reading everyday 🙂

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