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So, I’ve had some blog success faster than I thought! All Things B. is moving to its own self-hosted home! Visit me here:


I look forward to seeing you there!


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Around here BUDGET isn’t a dirty word

Good morning! 

Although I was up with the sun, I am just now getting to post about my bfast and morning excursion to the G-store. Its been a busy morning and here’s how it began…


The standard cup o’ coffee with a splash of cream and a sprinkle of sugar plus a mix of Nature’s Path Optimum  Blueberry Cinnamon (longest cereal name in history) and some Quaker Oatmeal Squares and some skim milk. Two of my favorite cereals that are just even better together! 

While munching I perused my store list to make sure I had everything I needed and to decrease the amount of time my nose was stuck in said list while shopping! Because I typically shop in the same stores, I am pretty familiar with the pricing on most of the items I buy. Being a household of just 2 adults and one 8lb ball of fur, we set our weekly grocery budget at $60 and more or less stick to it aside from the off weeks when we need Misc items like dish liquid or tp. We’ve been operating on this amount for close to 2 yrs now and I’ve gotten pretty savvy at shopping for this amount.

One major money investment is Bee’s food. Honestly, the cat eats better than we do! When we adopted her, we decided after careful research to feed her on a no grain diet. As a result she is very healthy and lean, but its definitely an expensive route to go. So, factoring her food into our food budget was a stretch in the beginning, but is getting easier as we adjust. 

This weeks stores were Whole Foods and Walmart (the epitome of night and day!). While Walmart is my least favorite store on the planet, it has become a necessary evil, but one I am phasing out in the coming weeks! Here’s what I brought home.

The Pantry stuff…



Meat, Dairy and my favorite category- PEANUT BUTTER!


Lastly, the fruits and veggies…


As you can see- Bee tends to migrate to the camera! She really likes veggies and goes a bit crazy when I peel a cucumber! Here you can see her attempting to Nom on a bag of baby spinach! 

So, what’s the total….

Walmart- $44.83

Whole Foods- $19.37

Grand Total= $64.20

What put me over? Whole Foods was running a sale on Annies Mac and Cheese, so I bought 3 boxes rather than the one I had budgeted for. So, the two extra boxes at $1.99 each + tax roughly accounts for my $4.20 overage. Not too shabby…

With that out of the way, I’m off to work on my new blog home! See ya for lunch!


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Grocery List and a Pantry/Freezer dinner…

The rest of my afternoon was spent channeling my Mom rearranging furniture and cleaning as I went! I also tidied the kitchen, taking note of what we needed from the G-store and played with this pair of FurPants (aka my cat Bee). 


Josh will be away next week for his bi-weekly trip through his NorCal accounts, so it’s just me and usually I end up eating cereal or sandwiches! Not super exciting, so I’m going to make an effort to be a little more interesting! This is what I’ve come up with…


The above is more of a visual aid, rather than a list I actually expect you to be able to see! That said, if you can see it- you get the gold star for eyesight!

Dinner consisted of some pantry staples and a couple of veggie patties from the freezer.

And the finished product…


On the plate or shall I say Plowl (plate+bowl)?

Morningstar Farms Italian Seasoned Chix Pattie, baked rice and roasted broc thing with various seasonings. While cooking I also enjoyed a half glass of BJ’s Brewhouse Jeremiah Red Ale which we get in this handy lil’ growler.




So good… kinda like Redhook if you know your beers. Well, I’m off to watch some Netflix- either Slumdog Millionaire (’cause we’re the only two people left on the planet who haven’t seen it) or Synecdoche, New york (’cause I love Philip Seymour Hoffman). Catch ya on the flip side!


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Little progress…

Well, my morning was not as successful as I hoped. However, I have learned a bit more about self-hosting my blog and baring any unforeseen issues, should be up and running by the weekend! Yay!

I was able to get in a good workout and post shower I put together this little plate of snacks…



Plus a cup of Ancient Forest Blend tea and some H2O and lime!


After staring at a book on WordPress for about an hour and dealing with my hosting service via phone and internet- my brain needed a break from thinking. My vitamin dispenser was in need of refilling, so I got that task ticked off my list! 

My regimen with HIS+HERs dispensers… I should get an endorsement from Nature Made! 


Speaking of Vitamins and Minerals- this was an interesting read about what 4 top health experts take for supplements and their thoughts on what’s important and what’s a waste! Check it out! 



Lunch was a simple throw together to save time… and use some of this lovely lady…



On the plate…

2 eggs scrambled with Cholula and 2 slices of Great Harvest Nitty Gritty bread with a couple tsp of Smart Balance. I love Great Harvest and we’ve been trying a new type of bread each week to see which we like best. This Nitty Gritty is definitely top 3! 

I’m off to work on my grocery list and try to figure something out for dinner! Back later! 


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Gaggia on the fritz…

Good Morning!

Last night was a later than usual night for me reading about blog design, self- hosting and realizing I have no clue! Today being D-day for the first OFFICIAL  All Things B. post I was up super early (as usual) and ready for some serious caffeine! Sadly, our espresso machine is on the fritz and fixing it has been at the bottom of my to-do list for about a week now…


She’s sad because she just spits out hot brown coffee water and not steaming coffee deliciousness….

So, my morning fix came via this guy and some Archer Farms Kona Blend that I picked up from Target on sale last weekend.


Normally I am a bit of a coffee snob and shy away from store branded coffees or store featured brands like Archer Farms, but I was pleasantly surprised at how this coffee performed in the french press! Nothing compares to the superior cup made by Gaggia and the ease of just pushing the button is nice when you’re tired, but this was a suitable replacement. It sure beats going out and spending $2-$5 on over brewed or stale coffee! 

Tomorrow is grocery day (Grrr) so the pantry and fridge were looking pretty sparse this morning when I started routing around for b-fast items. I am adamant about trying to get rid of as much food before going to the store, so the last few days prior to shopping usually consist of a combination of random items. This morning was a new favorite that has become my go-to b-fast on lazy mornings.




And this beauty, which I mistakenly thought was a Braeburn but turned out to be a Gala…


In the bowl…

3/4 cup of Non-fat Vanilla yogurt, a pulverized Kashi Honey Toasted 7-Grain granola bar and about 1/8 cup of walnuts toasted and chopped. If it seems strange to use a granola bar all crushed up- try it- the texture matches better with the creaminess of the yogurt and you still get some crunch from the nuts. I like it better than just chunks of granola.

On today’s agenda…

  1. Figure out blog self-hosting (Yikes!)
  2. Fix Gaggia
  3. Invite people to read this blog! Yay!
  4. Workout+Yoga
  5. Pantry/Fridge contents assessment (fancy sounding words for “what’s left?”)
  6. Recipe search+Grocery list making

On the books for this afternoon/evening’s post- The importance of list making! See ya tonight!


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Check out my Categories!

Hey ya’ll! Hover over the Category links to the right to see some descriptions of what All Things B. has up its sleeve! See you in the morning bright and early for the first official All Things B. post!!

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What’s with the “B.”?

I guess an explanation of the blog name is in order here! The B. as you may have guessed stands for “Budget.” Frankly, All Things B. just sounds and looks better than All Things Budget. Ha! And really, it all comes down to aesthetics in the end, doesn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by and checking me out! My regular posts start on Wednesday, April 1st and the plan is to post morning and evening while things get rolling! Check out the topics listed at the top for some insight on what to expect and All Things Me to learn about your host….ME! In the meantime, check out my Blogroll to see the blogs I love to read! 

See ya Wednesday AM! 



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